Groom’s Father Wedding Speech

On the day of son’s marriage the father of the groom is in a very happy mood. He may want to share his joy and happiness by offering a funny speech to the invitees. Before offering a toast to the newly wedded couple, he has to welcome the guests of the function, give a warm welcome to the parents of the bride and remaining all and then start his speech. One of the most important elements of funny wedding speech is that it must be funny so long as it is still poignant all the same and doesn’t offend anyone. It has to be respectful. The father of the groom has his own speech, so and not tread on his toes and insulting him or his daughter. Here you Have 25 Father of the Groom Speech Examples

In the father of groom speeches, the use of humor in wedding speech really helps to make sure that everyone keeps listening properly. In any toast, the groom should be the center of attention and keep it that way, as well as directed onto his bride, of course! While delivering funny speech, as a way of grabbing attention and making sure that your thoughts are well focused, the best way is to interject your regular speech with a few good jokes. Say emotional things, and then add a little humor to keep everyone relaxed and focused. The bride and her parents are pretty nervous and emotional, so this also really helps them as well as the audience!

One more important tip on making father of groom speeches to be funny is  to be informal and interact with the audience. This isn’t a lecture – it’s a toast! The groom should always feel like they are having a conversation with old friends, which largely will be the case. Say for example the father may add humor with an innocent imagination or his own example viz. ” When we had our first weekend away I took her to a really luxurious hotel, they had a great time shopping, site seeing, wining & dining with all the trimmings. The Sunday morning I ordered a full English breakfast stating to wife that I needed the energy & ordered the Bride a salad claiming I wanted to see if she also ate like a rabbit!!!” The crowd will definitely erupt in laughter. Even the parents won’t know where to look, the Bride & Groom may get buried their heads in their hands. Click HERE for MORE Samples of Groom’s Father Speeches

This is just an example. Like this, the father of the groom may add a few more jokes relevant to the situation. He may add to it, how the groom and the bride were introduced to each other, how their first meet turned into love,  or rather their first love turned into marriage etc. After such a short and sweet speech he may conclude it by offering a toast to the new couple , to her parents and  all, and thank the audience for making the function graceful.

Having a great father of the groom speech is what every father targets. One can speak from honesty, pain, frustration, pride, anger and a variety of disturbing feelings. But why speak so, if you can thoughtfully speak in other, better ways?

Being a good father should most probably be considered as a life lesson. However, there are quite a few things you must take into consideration.

The complexity of any father of the groom wedding speech

There are various misconceptions related to wedding speeches. There are too many people strongly believing in lies such as the speech is only something for the moment, something you can fake just to get rid with a clean picture. That is not true, not at all!

Firstly, people who come at your son’s wedding include people you’ve spent a lot of time with. If you have people to know you, then they will find it very easy to detect your lies or your faked affirmations. Instead of faking anything, I advise you to speak out honestly, but avoiding the parts that would put you or your family in a negative light. The purpose of your wedding speech is celebration, happiness and all about feeling positively.

If people know you’re honest, they respect you. Then if they are able to respect you then they are also able to connect with what you are about to transmit, with your actual message. This only means that the attitude you approach is very important. The importance of attitudes is constantly ignored by many people, who think that a speech doesn’t reflect real attitudes.

Do you know the occurrences when you look at someone and you can realize that the person is upset or happy? The same way, a father of the groom speech will reflect you. It’s like a mirror of your heart, soul and your inner feelings in every minute of your speech. Thus, you can realize how quickly you can de-mask yourself and (without having that within your intentions) give out your true feelings and thoughts.

Then, there are so many events during a simple wedding. You need to take them all into consideration, if you want to be successful.

There are always organizing things that are missing, wrong or blown up. Such things are to be kept safe, behind the curtain. If your guests realize that something went wrong, then you should quickly find a way to redirect their attention towards other things that are happening or you can also try to have them think of these things as not your fault.

For instance, even if one person knows that you were implicated in one part of the organization, then they will (by reflexes and by human nature) start criticizing every single one of your mistakes.

Then, there are always those people who try to flirt with every single man/woman, those people who tend to drink alcohol over the limits and other shameful appearances as that. As the father of the groom, it’s obviously disturbing to see any of these things at your son’s wedding. Thus, it is recommended that you learn how to control yourself and not go mad or wild on things, even if you know you’re right. After all, your wife knows you’re a real man and so does your son, thus it’s unnecessary to “prove your manhood” by taking action if some of the guests do the above mentioned things (or any of the above mentioned things).

Wearing the best suit with the best shoes

Yeah, I know you’re not a woman, but I am not kidding! Why do you think that women can get so much attention when they appear at weddings or when they simply go out in the city for a walk, for a girl’s afternoon or anything? It’s just because they take that “boring” time to look around all kinds of shops and outlets to find the best clothes and shoes for each event.

Yes, men truly tend to say on some elegant clothes that “it will work”. The problem is this: although in your eyes or in your opinion some of your clothes would match with some of your shoes that are more elegant than the others, these things won’t necessarily be seen in the same way by the people who are around you. That includes the wedding guests, your wife, your friends and other people. So what to conclude then? There aren’t too many people who will honestly tell you that your suit didn’t match your luxury shoes, your hair, your watch or other jewelry. These things should be taken care of, in details, to make sure that your appearance is a positive one. Click Here for 25 Father of the Groom Speech Examples

A well-matched suit with a great watch and some luxury shoes will obviously give you the confidence to speak perfectly during your father of the groom speech and give everyone positive impressions towards your attitude, apparition and the details of the entire day.

Then, I recommend an easy solution. You can use fashion magazines, fashion blogs and other valuable websites to find out the latest trends related to clothes and shoes. Thus, you will know what men wear for weddings, men at your age. Obviously, being the father of the groom does bring some more responsibility. That means that it’s not enough for you to follow trends and fashion, it also means that you must show – with your clothing – that you respect your son, the most important day from his life and your entire family. These are simple but important thoughts and aspects to go with.

How do I know that my groom’s father speech was good enough?

Yes, then the problem of “what should I say?” will arise. I am sure that every man has at least some ideas but they all feel like “no, I can’t do this”. This happens due to the constant pressure that is put on your head and shoulders with the wedding, including financial aspects, organization, lack of free time and many other things.

Let’s admit it: who has ever been a father and didn’t want to help his son with the wedding? It’s a natural duty and a very nice gesture to keep helping younger generations to enable them to enjoy all the time of the organization, the wedding and after.

Preparing the speech well in advance is what you need to feel safe. I always recommend that you simply take your tablet, laptop, PC, sheet of paper or anything and start making notes.

A stupid idea just crossed your mind? Write it down!

You just had something funny in mind? Write it down!

You think you have just discovered the best joke of the year? Write it down, definitely!

Did your most-hated neighbor say something that you didn’t like (because you truly hate that neighbor), but then when you were alone you admitted that he was right? Write it down as well!

As you can see, ideas can be gathered one by one, from every possible source around you. Thus, it’s not a hard thing to collect the ideas in any way you want. Ideas can be in shopping centers, on the street, appearing on live TV. Anything works, you know! Fin Here 25 Father of the Groom Wedding Speeches

So then, what do you do with these ideas? You simply make some revisions and write up a speech from all your ideas. Did you forget to ask your wife or your mother/father about your father of the groom speech examples or ideas? Ask them as well, because you never know which person will be able to tell you some amazing ideas, such as you will not only be amazed, but also impressed with ideas you wouldn’t have ever thought of, on your own!

Psychology, body language for the father of the groom

There are so many psychological aspects of every father of the groom wedding speech.

Your body language is very important, if you want to have a really successful wedding speech, which would even touch your grumpy aunt’s heart! This includes hand gestures, the look on your face and every single other aspect you can ever think of as being part of body language.

Then the psychological aspects are very simple: what you feel inside is exactly what you transmit to your guests! Make sure that your feelings are pure, positive and not by any way negative. People (trust me) will likely observe everything you will be mistaking with.

Thus, the ideal body language is the body language of a person who is able to give quality wedding speeches. Obviously, you can’t be born with such talents because your parents (if they weren’t speech-people) couldn’t have possibly shown you how to be a good speaker in front of a small or large public.

You can view blogs that were made on the topics of speaking in front of people and you can also find a variety of highly valuable videos that present people speaking, giving their speeches in various situations. If you look at their eyes, the tonality of their voices and the overall body position they used in their speeches then you can have some ideas on what you should do with your speech.

Final thoughts and indications for a perfect father of the groom speech

So, these are some very important aspects for any father of the groom speech. Some of these things, while they might seem too simple or not necessary, are necessary. This is because your guests will always look out for details and all the things you didn’t even think of.

Keep in mind to have a simple speech, not longer than 5 minutes, but speaking honestly from your heart. Then you should also know that your speech will be influenced by:

  • How you feel at the moment
  • How much was the allotted time for your speech preparations
  • How many inspiration sources you had
  • How prepared you were
  • How much did you make use of drafts, of actually writing and editing your speech text
  • How well you studied the psychological and body language aspects of giving speeches
  • How you can leave selfishness and pride and make sure to give a quality speech

Thus, the key to success is that you respect all details. Also, I recommend that you carefully read this article, make some notes and make sure to apply what you’ve learnt here. Here you Have 25 Father of the Groom Speech Examples

Looking forward to your comments and experiences!

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