Groom’s Father Wedding Speech

On the day of son’s marriage the father of the groom is in a very happy mood. He may want to share his joy and happiness by offering a funny speech to the invitees. Before offering a toast to the newly wedded couple, he has to welcome the guests of the function, give a warm welcome to the parents of the bride and remaining all and then start his speech. One of the most important elements of funny wedding speech is that it must be funny so long as it is still poignant all the same and doesn’t offend anyone. It has to be respectful. The father of the groom has his own speech, so and not tread on his toes and insulting him or his daughter. Here you Have 25 Father of the Groom Speech Examples

In the father of groom speeches, the use of humor in wedding speech really helps to make sure that everyone keeps listening properly. In any toast, the groom should be the center of attention and keep it that way, as well as directed onto his bride, of course! While delivering funny speech, as a way of grabbing attention and making sure that your thoughts are well focused, the best way is to interject your regular speech with a few good jokes. Say emotional things, and then add a little humor to keep everyone relaxed and focused. The bride and her parents are pretty nervous and emotional, so this also really helps them as well as the audience!

One more important tip on making father of groom speeches to be funny is  to be informal and interact with the audience. This isn’t a lecture – it’s a toast! The groom should always feel like they are having a conversation with old friends, which largely will be the case. Say for example the father may add humor with an innocent imagination or his own example viz. ” When we had our first weekend away I took her to a really luxurious hotel, they had a great time shopping, site seeing, wining & dining with all the trimmings. The Sunday morning I ordered a full English breakfast stating to wife that I needed the energy & ordered the Bride a salad claiming I wanted to see if she also ate like a rabbit!!!” The crowd will definitely erupt in laughter. Even the parents won’t know where to look, the Bride & Groom may get buried their heads in their hands. Click HERE for MORE Samples of Groom’s Father Speeches

This is just an example. Like this, the father of the groom may add a few more jokes relevant to the situation. He may add to it, how the groom and the bride were introduced to each other, how their first meet turned into love,  or rather their first love turned into marriage etc. After such a short and sweet speech he may conclude it by offering a toast to the new couple , to her parents and  all, and thank the audience for making the function graceful.

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